About Us


The most important requirement for an investor is that your investment returns beat inflation. To achieve your lifetime goals, your investments will also need to meet certain targets above inflation.

The Chrome Wealth Associates who work in conjunction with Chrome Global Wealth Solutions follow a lifestyle financial planning approach. This is a thorough and in-depth financial planning process where they work with you, the client, to determine and agree your personal real return targets.

They then develop an investment strategy to deliver your required specified target returns, consistently and reliably over appropriate time periods. In each case, these returns are relative to inflation within agreed time frames and risk parameters.

Knowing each of our client’s objectives keeps Chrome Global Wealth Solutions focused on your required outcome.

The Investment Philosophy

The Chrome Global Wealth Solutions investment philosophy is underpinned by four critical and integrated pillars.

They are the basis for all investment decisions as we constantly seek to find the most appropriate fund managers to manage client portfolios.

The research and investment management of the various investment strategies is managed in consultation with SIP, an independently owned and managed Investment Advisory and Portfolio Management Group based in Mauritius.


Searching for good quality securities.


Using a valuation-driven approach to ensure that the quality secutities are acquired at the right value.


Working to ensure appropriate risk diversification across asset managers, asset classes, geographies and securities.


Focusing on long-term investment horizon, allowing the investment strategy to achieve its objectives.

Investment strategies

We have established a range of investment strategies to deliver to your required target returns. In each case these returns are relative to inflation within agreed timeframes and risk parameters.

The fund managers we allocate funds to have control over each of their subcomponents of the portfolio. This control allows them to align their investment philosophy with your long-term strategy and the return you require to achieve your objectives. This significantly increases the probability that these objectives will be achieved.

The investment strategy range has been structured to enable clients to cover the full spectrum of G7 inflation targets over time. The funds are used as single funds or in combination to give effect to the following targets:

Global Defensive targeting G7 inflation plus 1-2 % pa over rolling three-year periods (98% Inflation Plus Fund / 2% US$ cash/ 0% Max Return Fund)

Global Moderate targeting to beat G7 inflation Plus 2-3 % pa over rolling five-year periods (54% Inflation Plus Fund / 2% US$ cash/ 44% Max Return Fund)

Global Growth targeting G7 inflation Plus 3-4 % pa over rolling seven-year periods (29% Inflation Plus Fund / 2% cash / 69% Max Return Fund)

Global Maximum return targeting to beat G7 inflation Plus 5% pa over rolling ten-year periods (0% Inflation Plus Fund / 2% US$ cash / 98% Max Return Fund)